Break Free From Plastic Pollution Teach-In & Actions June 30 @ 7 pm

Join the Sierra Club’s Elissa Yoder Mann to learn about new Federal legislation that finally takes on the crisis of plastic pollution. Find out how we can make it the Law going forward!

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Wednesday June 30 at 7 pm
We know plastic pollution is a nightmare and hard to wrap our heads around… but did you know that the Sierra Club and others have introduced powerful Federal Legislation that can really make a difference?  The Break Free From Plastic Pollution Act of 2021 (BFFPPA) introduced by Sen. Jeff Merkley (OR) and Rep. Alan Lowenthal (CA) builds on statewide laws across the country and outlines plastic reduction strategies to improve the health of our people and our planet. The bill will do this by:
1. Reducing plastic production before it ever has a chance to pollute
2. Increasing recycling rates.
3. Protecting frontline and fenceline communities.

This comprehensive federal legislation would begin to phase out throwaway plastics made from fossil fuel, hold the plastic industry responsible for its waste, and pause construction on any new plastic-making plants.

This Teach-In + Action opportunities to bring OHIO legislators on board (they aren’t yet) will be led by Elissa Yoder Mann, our own Central Ohio expert on all things plastic and what we can do about it!  Bring a friend. Don’t miss this presentation – the slide deck will bring you up to date on this ground breaking legislation and the graphics are both informative and persuasive.

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