Messages from Water by Masaru Emoto




Messages from Water is telling us to take a look at ourselves. Water is a mirror reflecting our mind.
English and Japanese edition. Paperback with B&W and color photos.

Synopsis. This fascinating book documents hundreds of ice crystal patterns photographed in a special “cold laboratory” in Japan from 1994 to 1999. Emoto became interested in the life energy in water (Hado in Japanese, or Chi in Chinese), and began to investigate the crystallization patterns of water from pure and polluted sources. The difference in the patterns was striking, and the first half of this book documents the beautifully formed, harmonic patterns found in water from pure sources such as rivers, lakes and springs, as opposed to the poorly formed, often non-crystalline shapes formed from impure water. The second half of this book is what makes it so unique. Emoto discovered that water was extremely sensitive to vibrations, and not only physical vibrations such as music and speech. He devoted several years to photographing the formation of ice crystals from water which had been “treated” in various ways. He had monks recite prayers over the water, played music for it, even taped words on the outside of small vials of water, all with remarkably distinctive effect. Since water constitutes some 70% of both the human body and of the earth, his thesis is that these experiments demonstrate empirically the direct physical impact that thoughts, speech and emotions have, not only on water, but on these larger, more complex systems which are largely comprised of water.